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7 Fun COSMO Games!

 *each game's approximate playing time for 2 players is 10 -15 minutes

Kids' favorite COSMO game! Choose the COSMO card with the sign you need to build a winning straight. Make straights of either + or - 6 5 4 3 2 1 and win. Great for 2- 6 players of all ages. COSMO 6 is a quick and easy game to play over and over for hours of fun.

COSMO (the original)
The first game to introduce card enthusiasts to the COSMO deck. The fun circle layout, makes this game a concentration challenge. Players attempt to make triples by placing three same-number cards in a COSMO column. The player who makes the most triple plays, wins. Players can block, add, and withhold their cards to make or prevent winning combinations.

By using both a player's stack of cards and his hand of cards, each player calculates them in an attempt to make their sum equal zero. Using the COSMO's positive and negative number cards, a player can pass, save, and take a final draw to achieve the lowest possible sum. Math poker with an integer twist.  Ages 10+

COSMO'S challenge!  For anyone wanting to sharpen or show off their quick math skills, EQ is the game to choose. Each player has stack cards and four table cards to work from. The first player to use all of his stack cards, wins. The challenge of this game is to cancel your cards (eg. +2/-2) or make a 3-part equation (eg. +6 + -2 = +4) with the five positive/negative number cards you have dealt yourself. EQ is a math challenge Ages 10+ 

COSMO (the original) and EQ can both be played as one player versions. The object of each game is to use up all of your cards. A more fun, active, and challenging alternative to the traditional Solitaire game played with traditional playing cards. 

This game starts out as a no-brainer trying to win letter cards to spell  C-O-S-M-O. As the game progresses, strategic decisions are needed whether to go "all five" of the same letter cards to gain a winning advantage. 


Attempt to use your letter cards to spell C-O-S-M-O  and the trick is the placement of those cards . A card can only be played if it is directly above a LETTER card or directly below a LETTER card. The unique game format requires attention and probability skills.

Remember the classic kids' game: "WAR"? This is the "COSMO" version. Two players turn over their deck, one card at a time. The player with the most "Flips", wins. Focus and patience is required to win this game. Fun and easy.

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